China's three main objectives for the construction of a green mine will be comprehensively promoted


The construction of green mines and the development of green mining are the inevitable and unique option for the mining industry, as well as the specific actions of the mining industry to implement new development concepts. However, to achieve the organic unification of mining development and ecological protection, and to truly realize green development and sustainable development, the mining industry still faces a long and difficult process, which requires the joint efforts of several parties.
At present, the disordered mining mode of China's mining industry has caused a serious waste of resources and damage to the ecological environment, which have come close to the unbearable level of resources and the environment and will hamper the sustainable development of the industry. mining On May 10, the Forum of the Green Mines Construction Summit of China was held in Beijing in 2018 and the Committee for the Promotion of Green Mines of the China Association for Forestry and Environmental Promotion was established. Cai Meifeng, an academic at the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor at the Beijing University of Science and Technology, said the mining industry is a guarantee industry for the resources necessary for the development of the national economy. Only by accelerating the construction of green mines, can China enter the forefront of the world's mining powers before, thus guaranteeing the effectiveness of China's mineral resources. The offer and sustained and reliable support for the development of the national economy must be completed without compromise.
Meng Xuguang, assistant to the president of the China Land and Resources Economics Institute and director of the Land and Resources Planning Institute, said China's three main objectives for the construction of green mines are: first, turn the image, based on in the formation of a new pattern of construction of green mines; Second, change the way you explore mining development. The way is to change the new form, the third is to promote the reform and establish a new mechanism for the development work of green mining. In the end, China has formed a pattern of green mine construction with flowers in place, on the line and on the surface.