Goldpro New Materials Co., Ltd. won the "Advanced Company for the alleviation of poverty"


Since the launch of the precision poverty reduction operation "100 enterprises to help 100 villages", Gangnuo New Materials Co., Ltd. has actively participated in various ways, actively participating in precision and assisted poverty alleviation in reducing poverty, making an important contribution to alleviating poverty in the city. In June 2018, the Federation of Industry and Commerce of the City of Bengbu and the Municipal Office for the Alleviation of Poverty and Agricultural Development of Bengbu awarded it the "Advanced Company for the Alleviation of Poverty".
After several years of rapid development, Jinnuo New Materials Co., Ltd. has established a scientific development, open cooperation, an innovative and enterprising spirit, which constantly improves the ideological quality, pursues a superior ideological scope and establishes a strong sense of social responsability. In addition to paying taxes and employment, it pays more attention to the responsibility of companies for the protection of the environment, energetically organizes 330 employees, rescued employees with difficulties and rescued more than 40,000 yuan and rescued 3 seriously ill workers and rescued 160,000 yuan; More than 20 poor university students, who fund more than 70,000 yuan, support flood control of 7.19 Wu'an and 50,000 yuan disaster relief, support construction of beautiful town of Shilipu 30,000 yuan. Through the rescue of the company, 90% of the beneficiaries of the aid have left the poverty line and have lived a happy and normal life.
Jinnuo New Materials Co., Ltd. has set an example to promote positive energy, inspire new vitality and encourage more private companies to participate in precision poverty reduction. In the future, we will continue to carry forward our achievements, make persistent efforts and create new achievements, making greater contributions to the city's fight against poverty.