Goldpro Corporate Culture Training - Ingenio


In order to further promote the construction of the corporate culture and to comprehensively improve the execution of the team, Jinnuo New Materials conducted the corporate culture training of the company on the fifth floor of the administrative building on May 30, 2018. This time, we teach. Gao Changyong, Renmin University of China.
Gao's lectures are very attractive and the content is vivid. Through the lectures of Gao's teacher, we can better understand the connotation of culture and the connotation of cultural self-confidence. Without high cultural self-confidence, without the prosperity of culture, there will be no greatness of the Chinese nation. The revival finally made us realize that all resources will be exhausted and only the culture will continue to live.
The company has always focused on the persistence and persistence in the development of innovative materials for the aircraft carrier of wear-resistant materials, so that the global grinding industry continues to save energy and reduce consumption. With the spirit of dedication and concentration, we will concentrate our efforts and improve our operations management with a wit to promote the development of the company.
The staff actively took the stage to express their feelings and a deeper understanding that ingenuity is a type of knowledge, a skill, an attitude, a type of belief, and ingenuity is manifested more in the tireless and persistent search for products , technology, work and career. . Let all the employees of the company realize that the secret of building a hundred years of steel is ingenuity. We must deepen the construction of the corporate culture, establish the cultural trust of the company and improve the execution of the team in an integral manner, to create an inspiring competition and full of competitiveness in the market. The steel company with cultural charm.
Mr. Feng summarized the training. As a company, it is necessary to bring the cultural ingenuity of the company to the interior house. We must constantly improve, pursue our dreams, slow and fast, and do our best. Let's face the good of our company. Vision: to create a production base of wear-resistant material, build a century-old steel, create an international brand and work hard.