"Sending Coolness, Warming Hearts" - Goldpro New Materials' Cooling Event Successfully Concludes.


Since the beginning of summer, Goldpro has attached great importance to the heatstroke prevention and cooling work for frontline employees. On the afternoon of June 16, 2023, the General Office, Administration Department, Safety Supervision Department, Human Resources Department, Marketing Center, Finance Center, Procurement Department, Project Department, and Research and Development Department of the company showed care for their frontline colleagues by actively participating in the "Sending Coolness, Warming Hearts" event.


During the event, the company's "Sending Coolness" caring team brought carefully prepared supplies to the frontline positions, experiencing the challenges of staying at their posts in high temperatures. On the scorching positions, turning around to see someone offering refreshing watermelon brought joy! In moments of sweating profusely, someone gently patting their backs and offering sweet mineral water brought happiness! During shift changes, someone running over to deliver juicy peaches or ice cream brought a sense of gratitude!


The scene of sweating profusely in the workplace resonated with everyone, leaving them deeply moved. The frontline employees, through their actions, defended the new battle for safety production in the scorching summer, ensuring the smooth operation of production for the company.