The "Zero-Distance" Employee Symposium of the Safety Month at Goldpro


On June 13, 2023, Goldpro conducted a "Zero-Distance" Safety Production Symposium. Taking the resolution of safety issues faced by employees in their daily production activities as the starting point, relevant departments serving production formed the "Listening Team," while frontline employees formed the "Sharing Team." The symposium provided a face-to-face platform for sincere communication, allowing the Listening Team to attentively hear the voices of frontline employees and address their desires, effectively resolving the pressing issues encountered in their daily work.


During the symposium, the Director of the Production Center expressed gratitude to the departments involved, including the Safety Supervision Department, Human Resources Department, Administration Department, Procurement Department, Quality Inspection Department, and Warehouse Department. The heartfelt speeches of the frontline employees in the "Sharing Team" were also appreciated. The "Listening Team" diligently recorded and promptly deployed the suggestions concerning safety, cost, quality, and logistical support. With a commitment to ensuring that every matter is properly addressed and responded to, this will enhance the sense of safety and well-being among employees!


The ultimate goal of the "Zero-Distance" Safety Production Symposium is to identify and resolve issues from the perspective of employees, standardize safety behaviors, and establish a sustainable mechanism for a safe working environment, gradually achieving long-term safety. Only by doing so can we truly realize the practical significance of conducting the "Zero-Distance" symposium during the Safety Month.


We must always stay vigilant, keep a clear mind, strengthen our awareness of "red lines," and think with bottom-line considerations. Safety should be placed at the core, and together we can create a safe and harmonious future for Goldpro.