The opening ceremony of the 2023 Safety Production Month event at Goldpro New Materials has kicked off.


This year marks the 22nd National Safe Production Month, with the theme "Everyone Talks about Safety, Everyone Knows Emergency Response." To establish a solid foundation and strengthen safety work, various forms of safety promotion, zero-distance safety production activities, emergency drills, and identification and rectification of major accident hazards will be conducted during this period. We will listen to the voices of frontline employees, address grassroots challenges, ensure that safety matters are properly addressed, and enhance the overall sense of safety and well-being among employees. Efforts will be made to further strengthen employees' awareness of safety precautions and effectively prevent accidents from occurring.


Life is precious, and safety is of paramount importance! We hope everyone will further recognize the current safety situation, focus on the present, look to the future, and strengthen their confidence. We encourage sincere contributions from each position, unity, hard work, and ensuring the comprehensive implementation of this Safe Production Month, with all activities and safety measures effectively implemented and practiced in the workplace.


Afterward, all personnel signed their names on the safety banners. The act of signing was both solemn and resolute, representing the solemn commitment of each individual. It serves as a constant reminder for us all to uphold and practice the theme of the Safety Month activities: "Everyone Talks about Safety, Everyone Knows Emergency Response." Safety is a responsibility shared by you, me, and everyone at Goldpro.