"Warmth of Dragon Boat Festival, Fragrance of Zongzi" - Goldpro New Materials Sends Zongzi Wishes for Good Health.




Wrapping zongzi, cooking zongzi, and delivering zongzi... the fragrance of the zongzi leaves fills the air, carrying the deep sentiments of the Dragon Boat Festival. On June 22, 2023, the traditional Chinese festival of Dragon Boat Festival, Goldpro New Materials conducted the themed event "Warmth of Dragon Boat Festival, Fragrance of Zongzi" to promote the festive atmosphere and explore the cultural essence of Goldpro.

In the delightful aroma, this event showcased sincere smiles, each carrying infinite tenderness, nurturing a sense of belonging and happiness among the employees. It added warm and auspicious moments to the festival, symbolizing good health and blessings.