Core Advantages

Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the corporate mission of "creating wear-resistant material technology carriers and creating excellent value for customers", deeply cultivated the field of wear-resistant materials, adhered to market orientation and technology leadership, and gradually formed its unique competitive advantage through continuous technological research and development and service system innovation.


Technical advantages


Tailored raw materials

Tailored wear-resistant metal material formula according to different working conditions of customers, to meet the usage needs of different customers
Tailored raw materials

The performance indicators of the company's core products exceed industry standards and similar domestic products, and the product quality and technical level are leading in China.

Intelligent devices:

The first intelligent production line in the industry

Stable product performance

High production efficiency

Leading equipment technology industry

The total production capacity can reach

250000 tons

Product advantage

Through various data feedback from customers, the company's products can effectively help mines achieve energy conservation, emission reduction, and production efficiency improvement.


Three Strong and One Low

Strong applicability

applicability strong


According to the actual working conditions of the mine design product performance, tailor-made products more suitable for the working conditions of the mine, in order to achieve safety, environmental protection, continuous energy saving and consumption reduction effects.

Strong stability

stability strong


Through the self-developed process control equipment and strict quality management system, to ensure the stability of product quality and unified performance indicators.

Strong crushing resistance

Crushing resistance strong


The drop test is carried out on the 16m high falling ball test machine, and the falling ball is not broken or broken for more than 20,000 times; The actual crushing rate in the semi-autogenous mill with a diameter of more than 11m is less than 0.5%.


attrition low


The product is in the effective diameter, high hardness and uniform gradient, no deformation and round in the service cycle, the grinding utilization rate is more than 90%, and the ton consumption is 5%-25% lower than that of similar products.

Service advantage

Pioneered the butler service model of "technology + marketing + grinding mineral processing solution"

For gold, silver, copper, molybdenum, iron and other metal mines to provide differentiated grinding technology optimization services is the company's core technical service capabilities, leading the grinding technology to high efficiency, intensive development, continue to create excellent value for customers.


Brand advantage

Since 2016, the company has become a high-quality supplier of mining giants at home and abroad.