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Grinding Liners

Either SAG mill or ball mill,grinding liner could protect the cylindrical shell and affect the movement of grinding media.
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Product Description

Either SAG mill or ball mill,grinding liner could protect the cylindrical shell and affect the movement of grinding media.The shape and material of the lining are also different to meet the requirements of various working conditions (grinding or fine grinding). When pulverization, the lining plate is required to have a strong hoisting ability and the lining plate should have good impact resistance. When fine grinding, the hoisting plate is relatively small to decrease impact;which the liner is required to have good wear resistance.

In general, wear-resistant linings are required to have the following characteristics:

1. high wear resistance, impact resistance

The lining has suitable hardness and high toughness ensuring high wear resistance and withstood great impact . The surface shape could be maintained for a long time during the operation so that the output could be increased  more than 5%. 

2. high hardness, high toughness

Through the material and the matching heat treatment process, the liners obtain the best balance between high hardness and high toughness in order to meet the wear requirements of the material in the mill.

3. Cost-effective, adaptable performance

Choosing the suitable material and heat treatment process, the lining have high quenching hardness and good toughness, which could keep excellent performance under bad working conditions.

Goldpro independently develops and designs grinding liners, In terms of structure, it is customized based on specific conditions of the mine, including the feeding ore size, ore hardness, mill size, etc.. In terms of material and heat treatment process, combined with the size and structure of the liner, the best balance of toughness and hardness is achieved. When crushed ore, the performance of the liner is dominated by toughness; when grinding, Hardness and high wear resistance are dominant. The application practice shows that the liner developed by Goldpro has long service life and stable performance, which plays an important role in the stability of mine production.



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