[Commendation Event] The commendation event for outstanding production teams (individuals) in the Production Center of Goldpro has successfully concluded.


On the morning of May 23, 2023, in order to motivate the enthusiasm and spirit of hard work among various teams, foster a united and cooperative working atmosphere of "striving to surpass one another," encourage excellence, set benchmarks, and implement various indicators such as the standardization construction of the Production Center, the company's Production Center organized an award ceremony.
As the event began, the powerful and resonant voice of the corporate culture echoed throughout the entire factory area, showcasing the unity and morale of the Goldpro team, uplifting and resounding with strength!

In the thrilling atmosphere, the host announced the list of winners: the outstanding team led by Wang Binbin, along with all the team members (Wang Binbin, Zhang Changgeng, Li Wengang, Wang Libin, Feng Shejun, Li Qiaoyan, Shao Qingchuang, Yu Dongdong, Li Ruili) went on stage to receive their awards. The passionate speeches and thunderous applause highlighted the glorious moment of the awardees.
At this moment, we share the joy of success and ignite the courage and belief for all employees to embrace challenges. Lu Yong, the Director of the Production Center, presented the mobile red flag to the outstanding team, which not only symbolizes glory but also signifies being exemplary pioneers and striving towards progress. As long as we uphold the spirit of "paving the way through mountains and building bridges over water" in our work, we can become true fighters in the company's journey of development, overcoming any difficulties and obstacles that come our way!

Director Lu acknowledged everyone's hard work and expressed gratitude for their attention and support to the company. In the subsequent work of the Production Center, it is important to maintain a high level of alignment with core values for stable and sustainable development. Guided by the company's strategic goals, the Production Center will formulate comprehensive work plans and adhere to requirements regarding safety, quality, cost, team building, and standardization. As long as we understand the objectives, employ appropriate methods, maintain clarity of thought, and adhere to the established systems, continuous progress and innovation in this new era are certain to be achieved.

To motivate all employees to actively engage in their work, strive for continuous improvement, and achieve shared development as a community, the Production Center has implemented different reward policies on a quarterly basis. Reward plans corresponding to the objectives of each quarter will be formulated to acknowledge and encourage employees' hard work through tangible actions. We believe that Goldpro employees will always uphold the core values, constantly enhance them through practice, pursue innovation, and embrace challenges. We will strive to provide customers with more professional and high-quality services, continuously improving ourselves as valuable employees in the realm of three-type enterprises.