Good News | Warm Congratulations to Wang Chengke, an employee of Goldpro, for being elected as a Model Worker in Handan City.


In our lives, there are always some individuals who persist in being true to themselves, work diligently, and even in ordinary positions, achieve outstanding results. These are the qualities we should learn from in model workers, also known as labor models. Their most important qualities are persevering and selflessly contributing in ordinary positions, being adept at learning and daring to innovate in their work, and leading modest yet impactful lives.


On April 27, 2023, the Handan Labor Model Commendation Conference was held, where individuals selected as labor models were awarded the honorary title of "Handan Labor Model," along with medals and certificates. Wang Chengke, an employee of Goldpro was elected as a Handan Labor Model. This is not only a personal honor but also a source of pride for the company.


Wang Chengke joined Goldpro in 2014. With diligent efforts in learning professional technical knowledge, he has received high recognition from company leadership, becoming a key talent and being provided with a career development pathway. With comprehensive support from the company, Comrade Wang successfully developed the core equipment - rolling mills. He led the design of five specialized fully automated production lines for steel balls and conducted research and development on six sets of specialized heat treatment equipment for steel ball materials. He also achieved more than 80 successful implementations of energy-saving and automation projects in workshop equipment. Comrade Wang has filed over 106 national patent applications and obtained 72 authorized patents (including 3 invention patents and 69 utility model patents). His contributions have played a vital role in the recognition of the company as a national high-tech enterprise and its rapid growth.


With continuous learning, dedicated research, and a strong sense of responsibility, he has diligently completed one innovation and patent after another through challenging transformations. His work knows no endpoint, only a starting point; there is no best, only better. Through practical actions embodying the spirit of craftsmanship aligned with the company's culture, he has earned the company's focused cultivation, allowing true hard workers to truly benefit!


Wang Chengke expressed his gratitude to Goldpro for their years of cultivation and support, which has enabled him to achieve this honor as a Handan Labor Model. In his future work, he will continue to hold himself to high standards, focusing on solid performance rather than seeking grandeur. He is committed to closely following the company's development strategy, embodying the role of a labor model, and contributing even more to the sustainable and healthy growth of the enterprise!


We should not only learn from labor models but also foster a society where labor is esteemed and labor models are even more esteemed. We should draw inspiration from their outstanding qualities and spirit, focusing on our respective positions and conscientiously fulfilling our responsibilities in every task. We must learn from the practitioners and inheritors of the "labor model spirit" and strive to become labor models in the new era, vigorously promoting the spirit of labor models! Through our own actions, we should immerse ourselves in our work, be enterprising, pragmatic, and dedicated, striving for a better tomorrow.