Goldpro’s “compulsory course”


   Walking into Goldpro, you can see that each employee's coat pocket has a small manual, which is an eloquence training manual full of Goldpro culture.

   Goldpro focuses on learning, Condensed a handbook. Its content consists of eight items: Company introduction, Striver’s Manifesto, Commitment of No Excuse, Focus, The Value of Team, Dedication Spirit, Thanksgiving, and Goldpro's song; why eloquence training manual? Because each content has professional terminology, theme and ideas. After everyone practiced in the morning meeting every day, through long-term accumulation to learn by heart then transfer into our own content. No matter what stage you stand on in the future, you can being calm and have story to share, this is an improvement in personal expression and persuasiveness.

   Knowledge iteration and eloquence are essential for people in the workplace. In order to enhance the eloquence of its employees, Goldpro did not hesitate to hire professional eloquence lecturers for training at great expense, developed and printed an eloquence training manual, organize all employees to participate in the study.

   This kind of study has become a daily "compulsory course" for Goldpro people. Goldpro people will definitely improve,improve together every day, committed to build a troops of Goldpro  walking in a learning enterprise.