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Celebrate National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival

2020/10/01 17:12


     In the past seventy-one years, we have been forging ahead to welcome the national day;five thousand years of Chinese civilization have been celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival. October 1, 2020 coincides with the National Day and Mid Autumn Festival. At this time, the whole country celebrates and all family reunites. Goldpro’s all people specially held a flag raising ceremony to welcome the national day and celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, to express the love for the great motherland and to present to the 71st anniversary founding of The People's Republic of China.

     With the National Anthem of The People's Republic of China, the bright five star red flag rises and blows in the wind. Every employee pays attention to the flag and deeply cherishes the infinite love and high respect for the motherland.

     As a Chinese people, we are deeply happy, especially when we go business trip abroad. We often see the five-star red flag flying over the embassy, and we are very excited and can't calm down. We can communicate with customers peacefully, because behind us is a strong motherland! Today holding the national flag raising ceremony here is a concrete manifestation of the patriotism of Goldpro!

      This year's sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 has affected countless enterprises, including Goldpro. However, the Goldpro people were not afraid of the epidemic situation. We made comprehensive deployment, full participation and precise policy implementation, and achieved double victories in resuming work and stopping the epidemic situation! Goldpro successfully completed all orders during the epidemic, especially overseas orders, which were delivered on time, with guaranteed quantity and quality, and fulfilled the clank oath of Goldpro people: Forging the quality; Golden promise. This is the true witness of Goldpro people's love for enterprises.

      Goldpro people also love their families. We take the family responsibility to respect our parents and cultivate our children. It is also a social responsibility, because the country is tens of thousands of families. Harmony of all families, prosperity of the country!

      Goldpro people must never forget their original intention and forge ahead, Under the leadership of each Party committees and governments, with practical action, hard working and innovate value,we will contribute to the development of the enterprise, and the prosperity and rejuvenation of the great motherland!


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