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"Quality Month. Forging Stars" Awards Conference

2020/09/22 16:56


    Sept 22th,2020, Spring flowers and autumn months, golden breeze and cool weather, Goldpro is grandly holding the award conference of the "Forging Star" Quality Month. It is a great honor to invite Feng Hongling, Deputy Director of Guangping County Market Supervision Bureau, Zhang Mingquan, Chief of Metrology Department, and related departments’ leaders came to Goldpro to jointly verify the implementation of the 2020 Goldpro Quality Month activities.


     Since Quality Month Launching Ceremony of "Improve product quality and strive to be a quality model" on Sept 1st,the employees of Goldpro are in full swing;

On Sept 20th, The "Forging Star" competition is in full swing on the forging production line.

The "Forging Star" competition scene

The quality team judges are carefully testing

     After the fierce competition, the "Best Aid Award" and the "Forging Star" were announced. Feng Hongling, deputy director of the County Market Supervision Bureau, and Zhang Mingquan, chief of the metrology section, were invited to present honor certificates and bonuses to our winning employees. Any material reward is not as good as the honorary title granted to everyone by Goldpro. This is the supreme reward, which included the trust and support of the company to everyone. The award-winning employees said they will continue their efforts and use practical actions to return the company.

Zhang Mingquan, Chief of Metrology Section of Guangping County Market Supervision Bureau, presented awards to three employees who won the "Best Aid Award"

Feng Hongling, deputy director of Guangping County Market Supervision Bureau, presents awards to employees who have won the "Forging Star"

      Chen Baozhan, deputy general manager of the production department, summarized the speech on behalf of Goldpro. First of all, he expressed his gratitude to the leaders of the Market Supervision Bureau for coming. This is an affirmation and encouragement to Goldpro. We will continue the quality work and will hold various form of quality activities, let those excellent skills employee to become standing out, let those who are dedication to become both fame and fortune, and let those who strive to become beneficiaries!

     After the event, the county market supervision bureau and other leaders went to the production workshop and R&D center to inspect the products and testing equipment. During the inspection, Director Feng and other leaders praised and affirmed the product quality of Goldpro, and said that the Market Supervision Bureau would fully support the development of Goldpro and achieve more ambitious goals in product quality.

     In order to implement the development policy of "customer first, quality first", truly enable the quality month activities to be carried out effectively and achieve the goal of stable improvement, the quality team members strictly control the production process, pay attention to every quality detail and formulate various incentives policy in time; analyze and discuss the data of each team every day to select the daily champions, present the mobile red flag at the morning meeting; select the weekly champions of the team every week, carry out the prize distribution ceremony, so that everyone can enjoy the results of hard working in time and inspire everyone positivity.

     Quality is vital to the vitality of products and maintains the lifeblood of the enterprise. Let us work hard to meet new challenges with full enthusiasm; for the quality month event, we always insist on improving the quality every hour, every day, and every week. There is no best, only better. Goldpro will always insist on the quality of each product, strive for perfection in the product, and make the quality month event more meaningful!


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