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"Improve Product Quality, Strive to Be a Quality Model" 2020 Goldpro Company Quality Month Launch Conference

2020/09/01 16:53

    On September 1, 2020, Goldpro organized and held the "Improve Product Quality, Strive to Be a Quality Model" - 2020 Goldpro Quality Month Launch Conference. Goldpro  always adheres to the development policy of "Customer First, Quality First". Quality is the dignity to Goldpro stuffs, and we regard it as life. On the premise of steadily improving quality, Goldpro has pioneered and innovated, pursued excellence, and flew in the fierce market competition.

      During the event, Zhang Fengjun, the manager of the Production Department made work arrangements for the Quality Month, and the team leader also made a statement on the improvement of quality with confidence.

    Through this conference, we will further enhance each employee's new understanding of product quality, motivate the enthusiasm to be a quality model, implement the quality responsibility of all employees, and realize that focusing on quality has become the eternal culture of Goldpro.


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